Skin moisture
A simple way to differentiate these terms is to remember that hydration refers to water while moisture refers to oil.
Skin care products use different ingredients to either hydrate or moisturize the skin.

Measurement: face/ inner forearm etc.
Kinetics: Short term: T0 - T+12 hrs. or long tearm use: T0 - X weeks
- Skin moisture
- Long lasting moisute XX hrs.

Is a technique used to determine the level of moisture in the outer layers of the stratum corneum. This method is based on the relationship between the electrical properties of skin tissues and their moisture content.

>> Only statistic number data <<

Clinical evaluation by trained judge
- The evaluation is based on clinical examination of descriptor by trained judge. The descriptor (Skin hydration) assessed on the face
- An increase in the mark shows an improvement of the parameter except for the parameter xx where a decrease is expected to show an improvement.

>> Only statistic number data <<

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14 March 2024

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