Our Scope of activities

    We offer the laboratory testing services of dermo-cosmetic products, and supplements for the in vivo evaluation of safety and efficacy on healthy subjects.

Efficacy of cosmetic products is evaluated:

 by instrumental tests, using new methods from high technology;
 by consumer tests, aiming at evaluating the perception of tested products from panelists by analyzing self-evaluation questionnaires completed by themselves;
 by clinical and sensory tests, whose evaluation is constituted by trained experts.

Each new clinical test starts by a study protocol signed by both parties, i.e. the Investigator and the Sponsor (DermaProof Asia client). Each clinical test is finalized by a complete study report sent to our Sponsor. This report can be submitted to regulatory authorities from different countries as reliable proof concerning the efficacy of the tested product.


- To provide the highest quality service and to be a leading laboratory for cosmetic test in Asia

- To assist manufacturers of cosmetic products to reliable demonstrate the efficacy and tolerance of their products thanks to standard and innovative methods


- To perform studies fully respecting our subjects

- To commit to the future of our employees


Value & Ethics

“What is expressed without proof can be denied without PROOF”

- PROFESSIONAL: We are committed to provide high-quality service and to be a leading laboratory for cosmetic testing in Asia. We strive for continual improvement through trainings and innovation.
- RESPECT: We respect our employees; we respect our clients, suppliers and partners; we respect the regulations and labour laws of Thailand.
- OPENNESS: We are willing to receive ideas, opinions and critics, from partners and employees. We are committed to communicate with transparency.
- OTHERS matter: We are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients and partners, based on mutual trust. - Employees are responsible for the performance and reputation of DermaProof Asia and should be rewarded for their efforts. Without volunteers, performing studies is impossible. They deserve our best consideration.
- FAIRNESS: We conduct fair business with clients. Justice, honesty, equality and solidarity between managers and all employees are the rules.

Our leadership

Management’s commitment

DermaProof Asia committed to provide high-quality services, respectful of the relevant regulations from the cosmetic industry and Good Clinical Practices, and be a leading laboratory for cosmetic testing in Asia.

Our staff is committed to maintain attentive communication with each of its customers, to anticipate their needs and respect and update clients specifications.

We are committed to guarantee systematic in-house, independant quality controls at every step of the study performance and to regularly adapt the company’s internal processes to engage all the staff in a continuous quality approach. Human and financial ressources will be allotted in order to meet these objectives.

Volunteers and employees are the cornerstone of the success of DermaProof Asia. As such, they have to be treated with respect and fairness. Optimal hygiene, comfort and safety conditions must be delivered.

“As the Managing Director of DermaProof Asia, I will establish and communicate the Quality Policy and objectives of the company every year. I will collaborate closely with the members of our Quality Assurance Department to ensure full compliance of the ISO 9001: 2015 norm”
Mr. Fabrice Perin, Managing Director



26 October 2023

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