Oil control

Oil control
The sebaceous glands present in your skin produce natural oils to keep your skin hydrated.
However, the trouble begins when your skin starts producing excess sebum. 

Measurement: face/ back
Kinetics: Short term: T0 - T+12 hrs. or long tearm use: T0 - X weeks
- Oil control XX weeks
- Oil control XX hr.
- Anti-shine
- Matte appearance
- Reducting in excess sebum

The measurement is based on grease spot photometry. The mat tape of the Sebumeter® SM 815 is brought into contact with skin. It becomes transparent in relation to the sebum on the surface of the measurement area.
Sebumetry measurements performed after delipidation of the skin represent the Sebum Excretion Rate (re-greasing of the skin after removal of skin surface sebum).

A decrease in sebumeter values is expected to confirm a reduction in excess sebum and/ or skin re-greasing ability.

>> Only statistic number data <<

Clinical evaluation by trained judge
- The evaluation is based on clinical examination of descriptor by trained judge. The descriptor (Matte appearance) assessed on the face
- An increase in the mark shows an improvement of the parameter except for the parameter xx where a decrease is expected to show an improvement.

>> Only statistic number data <<

Digital photography with analysis of skin shine
A significant decrease in the intensity of the skin shininess means a mattifying effect. (If product is evaluated after a single application)

A significant decrease in the intensity of the skin shininess means a seboregulator effect (oil control effect). (If product is evaluated after repeated applications)

>> Statistic number data and photography << 

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21 March 2024

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