Elasticity/ Firmness

Skin elasticity / firmness
Is your skin's ability to stretch and then bounce back.
Loss of skin elasticity is known officially as elastosis – the degeneration of skin tissue due to ageing and other factors.

Measurement: face/ body
Kinetics: T0 and T+X weeks (4 weeks or 8 weeks)
• Skin elasticity
• Skin firmness

This movement is determined by an optical system (composed of an infra-red diode, two prisms and a light sensor). The quantity of light detected by the sensor is proportional to the movement of the skin surface.

* Uf: maximum extensibility (final deformation) – in mm
* Ue: immediate extensibility (purely elastic component) – in mm
* Uv: visco-elastic extensibility (plasticity) – in mm
* Ur: immediate elastic recovery– in mm
* Ur/Ue: elastic deformation rate – no units
* Ur/Uf: elastic recovery rate – no units
* Uv/Ue: visco-elasticity rate – no units

Elasticity is defined as the quality of a skin or a material to change its shape under application of a certain force and to return to its original shape when the force is ceased to be applied. Therefore, the two ratios of both Ur/Ue and Ur/Uf are representative of skin elasticity improvement. Increases in these ratios are expected to conclude on a positive effect of the tested product(s) upon cutaneous elasticity.

Comparison of the treated site(s) versus untreated site and before (T0) versus after (Tn)
Comparison of the treated site(s) versus untreated site or versus a placebo

>> Only statistic number data <<

Clinical evaluation by trained judge
- The evaluation is based on clinical examination of descriptor by trained judge. The descriptor (XX) assessed on the face
Suppleness Elasticity Firmness Tonicity

- An increase in the mark shows an improvement of the parameter except for the parameter xx where a decrease is expected to show an improvement.

>> Only statistic number data <<

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