Anti-puffy eye

Anti-puffy eyes
Puffy eyes happen when fluid builds up in the areas around or near your eyes. You might also notice dark circles under your eyes, itching, or redness.

Measurement: under the eyes
Kinetics: T0 and T+X weeks (2 weeks or 4 weeks)
- Anti-puffy eyes
- Reduce Eye bags

*Don't accentuate puffy eyes with dark circles because the shadows will make them appear darker.

Clinical evaluation by trained judge
- using Skin Ageing Atlas
- The evaluation is based on clinical examination of descriptor by trained judge. The descriptor (Eye bags) assessed on the face
- An increase in the mark shows an improvement of the parameter except for the parameter xx where a decrease is expected to show an improvement.

>> Only statistic number data <<

Antera 3D®
is a camera developed by Miravex Limited could be used for image acquisition by illuminating skin with multidirectional light emitting diodes of seven different light wavelengths spanning over the entire visible spectrum.

Elevation evaluation:
• Coarse topography or Veins/bones volume (mm3)
• Affected area (mm2)
• Height (mm)

>> Statistic number data and photography <<

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22 March 2024

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